Be heard & understood.

get help & know you’re doing it right.

receive encouragement & ensure results.

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  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you struggling to make progress on your goals?
  • Do you wish you could build better habits?
  • Does getting started overwhelm you?
  • Do you lack the confidence or belief in yourself to stick with it?
  • Would having someone to help you plan and encourage you help?
  • Do you want to finally lose weight?
  • Are you stressing about money?
  • Is the clutter in your home causing anxiety?
  • Does eating healthy seem too complicated or expensive?
  • Does getting organized seem too overwhelming?
  • Does your schedule keep you busy yet you don’t seem to get what matters done?

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Shana is real about what will ACTUALLY work. She doesn’t let you set goals which are unattainable. She knows what will yield results because she has done the work herself, so she’s speaking from a place of knowledge and experience.
If you want someone who is optimistic, loves people, loves life, loves motivating and watching people succeed you should hook up with Shana so she can help you achieve your goals!! -Jessica
Best trainer/coach I’ve ever had! Fun, tough, positive and organized.
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I focus primarily on the areas that really weigh women down: health, money and home organization. The following transformations are what I coach my clients through. Pick a theme for FREE actionable, momentum-building advice and encouragement paired with your current goal focus. Or schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to see if working together 1-on-1 would be a good fit!


  • Overweight & uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Ashamed about your body
  • Avoiding shopping for clothes & never dressing pretty
  • Trying diet after diet
  • Yawn-a-ble sex life
  • Eating boring “healthy” food
  • Being overwhelmed by meal planning and prepping


  • Stressing about bills
  • Burdened by debt
  • Fighting about money
  • Wondering why there’s always more month than money
  • Always having to say no
  • Confused and unsure where to start
  • Wondering if you’ll ever get ahead
  • Scared to confront the real numbers


  • Feeling anxious and unsettled in your home
  • Being surrounded by clutter & never ending to-dos
  • Not having enough hours in the day to do what matters to you
  • Not having routines and rituals that you can count on
  • Spinning your wheels but not accomplishing much


  • Confident & Strong
  • Finding & enjoying your soulmate workout
  • Walking into a closet full of clothes you love
  • Building a body you love
  • Feeling fabulous
  • Eating food you love
  • Not having food control you
  • Eating according to your goals
  • Having a system for planning & eating according to your goals


  • Excited about the future
  • Dreaming with your spouse about what your money will accomplish
  • Feeling financial freedom & being debt free
  • Having a plan for every month
  • Planning & cash flowing for your priorities
  • Having a savings account & back up plan
  • Not needing credit


  • Having a fully-functioning home where everything has a place and is easy to find & put away
  • Living in a clutter-free, organized and joy-bringing space
  • Having an ideal schedule that gives you the freedom to do what you prioritize
  • Having routines and rituals that make your day easier and more fluid